What Do You Wear to Exercise?

What clothes do you reach for first when you want to move your body? In my early 20s, I thought all exercise clothes were uncomfortable, so I stuck with stiff old spandex leggings and scratchy sports bras for years. But my world changed the day I slipped on my first pair of Lululemon Align High-Rise leggings. Buttery. Soft. Breathable. (This is not sponsored, I just love them!)

Since that moment, I’ve been on a quest to find exercise clothes that feel good while I’m squatting, jogging, stretching and lounging. So, I asked 12 women which activewear they swear by…

The bras that keep everything in place:

best women workout clothes


The Yanta bra is my favorite. It offers full coverage down to your mid-waist, and it holds you in without ever feeling tight. My boobs tend to turn outwards, which means I’m always worrying about side boob popping out in my pilates class. But this top keeps everything secure — even during fast workouts.” — Angela Drew

“When I’m doing a hilly hike or high-intensity class and need max boob stability, the Panache bra is my go-to. It’s very supportive and thick, and I also don’t feel sweaty in it! Plus, it’s actually semi-cute. I have the navy, but also dig the lilac/orange?”— Virginia Sole-Smith

“I never thought I’d fall in love with a sports bra until I found this one. I’d definitely say it’s best for small-to-mid-size boobs — it’s sleek and smooth, doesn’t pinch or constrict, and even has a back phone pocket that lets me run hands-free. I honestly feel like a superhero.” — Caroline Donofrio

The tops that let you move freely:

Best women exercise clothes


“I cut my cotton T-shirts into loose fitting tanks. They’re mostly old concert tees or shirts from non-profits I support. I love running with a shout out to something sentimental.” — Priscilla Vega

“A zip-up sweatshirt is my exercise go-to. I typically work out in the chilly morning, so I need a top that keeps me cozy. But, once I’m all hot and sweaty, the last thing I want is something suctioned onto me. So, an oversized sweatshirt that I can easily take off is key.” — Kayla Garriga

The leggings that look and feel good:

Best women exercise clothes


Athleta Salutations are the perfect leggings. They’re soft and never fall down, whether you’re in a yoga or HIIT class. Plus, they make your butt look amazing! The fabric is thick enough to give your butt great shape and lift, but not too thick that they’re hot or uncomfortable. I have recommended these to SO MANY women, and every single one is absolutely obsessed. I like the 7/8 length — I’m 5’7″ and they still come down to below my ankles.” — Caroline Chambers

“For yoga or just life, I live in the Girlfriend Collective compressive high-rise legging. They are super size-inclusive (I wear XXL, they go up to 6X), high quality, and the leggings never roll down. I’ll layer a chambray button down or big cardigan over the navy set, add some sneakers, and feel cute and even kind of polished for work or errands, but also so comfy and able to move/be in my body.” — Virginia Sole-Smith

The shorts that keep you cool and covered:

best women exercise clothes


“I swear by Patagonia baggies for evening walks, ambitious jogs, and weightlifting. I like that they come in so many fun, whimsical prints and hold up over the years. They don’t pill or fade, and are available on a lot of resale websites. They’re also crucial for hot, humid weather.” — Grace Farris

“I like the feel of cotton with a touch of spandex for stretch, versus the more high-tech fabrics they have these days, so I wear Target bike shorts (here’s the longer version). Whenever I’ve worn looser shorts to workout classes or on the Stairmaster, I feel like someone has probably seen my underwear.” — Alex Ronan

The shoes that don’t make feet ache:

best women workout clothes


“I’ve had these Forsake hiking boots for several years and love them for both casual and serious hikes. They were instantly comfortable, are great for getting out in cold, rainy weather, and feel so good with a pair of cozy socks.” — Kaitlyn Teer

“I used to think I hated cardio and running, but then I realized I enjoyed them once I started wearing the right shoes! Hokas are extremely lightweight and support my arch so well, I feel like I’m walking on clouds.” — Valerie Metz

The accessories that spark joy:

best women workout clothes


“I’ve been training for a marathon, and my #1 workout accessory is this BIG pair of athletic sunglasses. When you’re out on a sunny trail, they keep your whole face covered. I also have a flat nose and face, so sunglasses usually slip off, but these ones stay on for 20 miles straight with no problems.” — Samantha Palomino

“I like to add glimmer to all my outfits, even while exercising, so I wear glittery socks. People often comment on them and how they add sparkle to the gym life.” — Ilaria Giordano

best women workout clothes


What exercise wear are you loving lately? Please share below…

By A Cup of Jo

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